to pull a camper wich new truck is better ford f250 or a chevy 2500?

I need to get a new truck but the dealers never seem to know which is a better truck.

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abadfart6 years ago
its really more of a preference thing, I like the 2500 better but i have friends that swear by there f-250 my advice is to ask what the towing package on each costs and go from there. and remember to lock out the over drive while hauling or elce you will damage your transmition
DrBrown8 years ago
I don't know about trailers in general. However, there is a recreational boat launch at a lake near me. One Chevy after another will get stuck trying to pull a boat out of the slip. I've never seen a Ford stuck once. Tire condition seems to be less of a factor than traction control and weight distribution.
aeray8 years ago
Ford isn't bankrupt... I have a very reliable '93 Ford F150 with 185,000 miles, and my father has a '79 F150 with over 330,000 miles.
paganwonder8 years ago
F-250, mine has been nothing but reliable for 95,000 miles and pulls like a bull
lemonie8 years ago says the Ford has a slightly larger tank and a bit more in the way of towing capacity. Otherwise they don't look that different.
I'd suggest looking at that site to see what you think of the other specs?