tpr outsole better grip or rubber outsole?

wnt tok now rupper outole has better grip or and slip resistance than tpr outsole.prefering flipflops as i has to walk  in tiles which are sometimes water spread on it and there is lot of dnger in that.

canucksgirl2 years ago
Walking on a wet floor in flipflops isn't a good idea. Your feet can easily come out of them if you slip. You are better off wearing shoes that will stay on your feet. Rubber outsoles are generally better than TPR, but it depends on the quality of the shoes, and how much tread is on them. If they are really flat, then they'll be slippery on wet floors no matter what they are made of.
rickharris2 years ago
Water is a fairly good lubricant for rubber. You need to have a lot of tread on the bottom of the shoe to give you grip.

If you buy the right shoe I would go for Rubber.