transponder reader?

I need a small reader built to read the chips we use for cycling.

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I found some chatter on this topic here:

By the way, I think the acronym "RFID" might be more descriptive of the gizmos you are looking for.  After all, in this application the RFID chip does not transpond much, just its unique number and the fact that it is within range of the reader.  Supposedly there are some kinds of RFID tags that can actually respond with variable data, like from a temperature sensor for example, but those kinds are necessarily more complicated and presumably more expensive.

On the subject of cost there are placed to find inexpensive RFID tags and readers, if the gizmo you seek is just  an ordinary, run-of-the-mill RFID tag. That is I am guessing you want to save expense, and/or gain knowledge, by doing some of the development  yourself.

Anyway, there a number of instructables here that make use of RFID, here:
rickharris6 years ago
No where near enough information PLEASE read this
katiecannon (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Timing chips for racing. They use them in all sorts of sports. The "chip" has a number and when it runs over the wire, the wire records the time this number passed over it. What want and I don't know if they even make one is something that will "sense" the number associated (burned) with the chip. The place that makes these Chips is MYLAPS sports timing. I hope this is more descriptive.
Does it HAVE to be this manufacturer, or are you open to other ideas ? Also, where in the world are you - country is good enough - so we can suggest where to get bits and pieces from.

katiecannon (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
I am very open! I am in USA. My boyfriend is a geek and am helping him to try and build one of these...thank you!