true semi auto gun crossover

I have seen and built both ednator55's true semi auto gun and bballkidx's hammer operated pistol. The pistol swings a hammer to hit a rod and the semi a auto rotates a connecter to move a ramrod. This is more of an idea than a question but could somebody try to make a double action type gun. It is semi auto because it rotates a connecter but at the same time hits the bullet with a hammer. This would be most similar to some revolvers. This is just throwing an idea out there but I would be very grateful if somebody built this. Automatic 5 stars in my book. The semi auto gun is weak but semi auto. The hammer gun is strong and single shot. The crossover gun doesn't have to include a mag but it would be nice.


Picture of true semi auto gun crossover
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DJ Radio7 years ago
The hammer pistol can't really be considered a semi-auto mechansim because you have to manually pull the hammer down after each shot.
pmgroundhog (author) 7 years ago
please post at least the trigger mech. Also, the hun is hammer operated right?
Looks like a really comfy handle.
Instructions please? Or at least trigger mech.
~Aeronous~7 years ago
I'll try it, just give me a link to the hammer gun.