um i dont know if this is for queastions or not.. but how can i make cleaning funner? (im eleven).?

idk the question says it all lol

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Kiteman8 years ago
Reward yourself - if you get a room done before the flavour leaves your gum, you can have a break. Otherwise, refresh gum and start another room.
Bigev Kiteman8 years ago
I'll try that.
Joe Martin8 years ago
I pump up the music! Works wonders for me, Gets all the cleaning done in one easy mad rage and I find it quite fun sometimes too!
bakedbeanz78 years ago
hey listen to music the radio maked up a story while your cleaning eat while cleaning try different things
orksecurity8 years ago
For what it's worth, a lot of adults struggle with the same question. One source of hints -- which may or may not work for you, but there's a lot there to think about -- is the website It's aimed at adults, but I think a lot of the same ideas probably apply to kids too if scaled down (10-minute chunks of time rather than hour-long chunks, for example).

I agree that music can help.

One odd thing I've found: It's usually more fun to help a friend clean up their mess than to clean up your own. Maybe you can arrange a trade with a friend -- you'll help them clean up if they'll help you. The hard thing there is making sure you finish cleaning before you get distracted into playing.

Ever seen the film version of Mary Poppins? "In every job that must be done / There is an element of fun. / You find the fun, and -- Snap! -- the job's a game." That really can be true. Tossing clothes into the hamper or stuffed animal into a bin may be more fun when you toss 'em from the far side of the room. Shelving books may be a bit more fun if you shelve them in alphabetical order, even if it takes longer than just shoving them back on the shelf wherever there's space.

miiwii38 years ago
um well i play music and make a goal and reward system like ill clean my desk then eat some M 'n' M's then clean my other desk and eat some more. i also try to clear anything i might do on that day because if u want something i tend to be slow and lazy. if i think of anything else ill tell u. if u have any more questions just post it on my orange board. -miiwii3
hopefully those m n ms weren't found in your desk and weren't fuzzy when you ate them.
TigerNod8 years ago
Let your parents do it, lol! No, serious, do it in steps. Clean up for one hour, go do something else for 10 minutes (gaming, knexing in my case) , and get to work again. It takes a bit longer, but it's less tiring. Also, listening to music and playing airguitar or singing hard whilst cleaning is a good idea too.
Oh, and about the singing part: just be careful not to piss off your neighbours... :-)
guyfrom7up8 years ago
Play music while doing it
credits to you on the music though i do it but wouldn't have posted that if u didn't say music
miiwii38 years ago
i hear you dude!! i hate cleaning my room and i hate fixing my bed i mean whats the point? i am just gonna mess it up in 12 hours, but i fixed that and made my bed fix itself (ps my bed was never broken just messy).