um where is the start up folder?


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Z1ggy8 years ago
If its a PC under XP, right click on the start button and select Explore. It will open up your startup folder.
seandogue Z1ggy8 years ago
Well, technically, you still need to migrate to the Programs folder and then to Startup, since it opens the "Start Menu" folder...
Z1ggy seandogue8 years ago
oops. thats what i get for trying to quickly answer questions.
seandogue Z1ggy8 years ago
Ha! I do it all the time. No bad... just filling out your answer Almost got caught in a free energy query yesterday or the day before...though the guy was asking about a specific type of wind generator...turned out he was suggesting something that's impossible...
seandogue8 years ago
For the PC under XP, it's Start ---> All Programs ---> Startup
jj378 years ago
pc or mac?