unable to send commands to Roomba560 using 'Realterm' terminal program?

Hi, I am doing my academic project using Roomba560. I have a Roostick to connect the Roomba to desktop system. I have downloaded the Realterm terminal program to send commands to Roomba.What ever command (eg 152 5 137 1 44 128 0 to drive 300mm/s straight) i gave the roomba , it is just start cleaning. i couldn't figure out what the problem is with roomba or Realterm. could any one please suggest a solution to my problem and also are they any terminal programs that you could suggest to send commands and control roomba.

Hey there.

The problem is with the baud rate. Whenever you send commands in the wrong baud rate to Roomba - it interpert it as "start cleaning" command.

Check out this guide for complete explamations about how to connect to Roomba using the correct baud rate. (connection speed):

How have you confirmed that the unit is passing SCI out to the Roomba ? Steve