unknown military item hellweg AR-0022-B ?

I was given this strange object by a friend.
it is definitely Australian Military. 
The tag reads:
January 2000
Anyone have any idea what it is/what is used for?

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Snipers breach guard keeps dirt out of the action of the rifle.
50-50 (author)  Josehf Murchison4 years ago
ok thanks
Do you know if it will fit an F88 Austeyr?
I am going to have access to at least an F88 training model tomorrow night so I will try it on then.
Not sure
caarntedd4 years ago
Can you post some clearer pics please?
Burf4 years ago
I'm familiar with the Hellweg brand, they make a variety of military and law enforcement holsters and body armor. A speculation on my part, but that looks like it could be an ankle or shoulder armor piece minus the bulletproof scales.