usb 5lb digital scale from

link to website
5 lb scale model 510

hello might be the wrong place to ask this question but ... i have picked up a usb digital scale from a garage sale ..... anyone have a instructable of what to do with it as far as software to use with it instead of the software or dose anyone have any ideas what to do with it beside using it with the software / thanks mike m?

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liaw7 years ago
I found a stand-alone driver for the 5lb USB Scale (Model 510) via a google search about a year ago. I tried finding the driver online again but couldn't, so I've uploaded the original zip file to a skydrive account. Scan for viruses and use at your pleasure.

kf0 liaw1 year ago

Unfortunately, I don't see a way to use g instead of oz. Am I missing something or is this not possible with this download?

Paul, you continue to save the day! Thanks!

(this installs a tiny utility that is simple and straight forward.

Thanks again!


CherokeeN liaw2 years ago

Google Chrome is blocking the zip download and notified me that it is malicious!? Not sure what has happened to the file but I'm not sure about it now. This is my goto site what do I do now? ARGH!


ChristinaA liaw3 years ago

Thank you sooo muchhhh!!! it was the best easiest/fast way to do it by far. i was going crazy. i was trying everything till i tried your method and wahhlaaaaa !! lol thanks you rock!!

Thanks! Almost 3 years later and it still works. Picked up the scale at a DAV store, and was pleased to find the driver for it. Works fine for me on Windows 7 (64bit).
This doesn't work in my windows 7 or 8. Anyone else find an answer for these versions? I even paid someone for drivers they guaranteed would work - to no avail. It just doesn't seem like it should be that has walked on the moon :)
Hey there,
Not sure why they're not working on your system. I've installed it on Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) without problem, as have many of the others who have posted here. As far as I know Windows 8 will run practically all Windows 7 programs. Is there an error message it gives when you try to install?
I have tried it on 2 computers, both when they were running windows 7 and 8??? I was an idiot too, I paid for the same program that was offered in the free link mentioned in this series. The only error is not even an error, the PC program says that the scale is not connected. When I do connect the scale it is never recognized by windows. Annoying right?
Thanks a lot!

Now I'm glad I didn't toss the scale when I rejected the ridiculous monthly fees...

You're a real mensch! (Yiddish for a very good person!)


That was soo easy!!! Thank you, thank you!

Have Golden Day,
edeleon1 liaw5 years ago
Works Great Awesome!! Thanks!!
badnanuk liaw5 years ago
thanks so much it works great with windows 7 64bit
TBates57 liaw5 years ago
So glad I didn't trash the scale after cancelling
Thanks for sharing the link - works perfectly.
Thank you Paul!!!
LAURAM9291 liaw5 years ago
excellent. works well and fast. I just found the exe file and made a shortcut.
tedsudol liaw5 years ago
Thanks Paul - it works great.

All the best,
Thanks. It works great. Now I can uninstall and eliminate the risk I might accidentally log back in and reactivate my account. I have gotten addicted to having the digital scale at the ready atop my computer case.
Thanks for the ZIP. Works great on Windows.

PS: I used the code CUTEKID12 and got free shipping on the scale, so it was totally free. This worked on July 7th.
cbennett11 liaw5 years ago
Thank you! Now I can cancel! :) :) :)
cddowden liaw5 years ago
Downloaded driver today and it works great. Thanks!
dfuller1 liaw5 years ago
Thank you, Paul! worked great for me; I've had my scale sitting around useless for years, but not anymore!

I have a Mac. I downloaded the file, opened it and nada.
Does this file run on a Mac?
When I had the trial program with the scale worked.

Any ideas?
Hi Stephen,
I'm pretty positive these usb drivers are Windows only.
You could just keep the software installed and use it in offline mode to weigh things. Not as ideal or as simple as this, but you may be hard pressed to find any standalone mac drivers for this scale.
Thank you. I did find a program that enables me to use the scale to weight things and then I use the USPS website to calculate the postage. All good.
Were you able to use the scale with USPS? As is open up the usps software and have the scale automatically weigh the letters/packages?
Hey Stephen! I would also like to get the program/driver you found for MAC.
Thanks in advance!!
Hey Stephen! Can you share the program/driver you found for MAC. I can't find anything, and as you know the above is only good for windows.
debbiesama liaw6 years ago
Thank you thank you thank you. Happy Holidays
Paul, I was just able to get my Stamps.Com account cancelled..long story, had to get my Visa folks involved. Anyway, I had this nice scale I got "free" with $9 shipping. THANKS TO YOU, I now have use of that scale. No problem with opening and running the link you gave. What did I ever do without the internet.
I just tried the link but it wasn't working. Do you still have this file up?
mtaylor27 liaw6 years ago
Thanks yet again, another "free" scale has been liberated
acutshall liaw6 years ago
Does just what I need. Thanks so much!!
gkopishke liaw6 years ago
Works great! Thanks!
blaaaarggg liaw6 years ago
Thanks a million!
kbrad liaw6 years ago
This is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much. I was afraid this "free digital scale" offer had strings attached after how difficult they made it for me to cancel my account. I love how they don't provide you with software to use their scale unless you pay them a monthly fee. Thanks again!
Thank You so VERY, VERY MUCH!!!
I have been looking for a non - 5lb scale program. The one listed in your skydrive account works wonderful! Kudos to your kindness and generousity! I am so appreciative!
Cheers right back at ya!
ekset22 liaw7 years ago
i want to make clear that in my last sentance i meant to say i bought off of craigslist for $10.but i will also like to add that i was going to try this link for $1.49 but i got kinda nervous cause it was asking for my email password and my paypal password.i dont know if anyone has actually used it, but regardless i think if you just use this link that Liaw gives for free download you will be happy and virus free.
ekset22 liaw7 years ago
thank you very much for this link liaw. i can assure everyone that this link is totally virus free and you will not have any problems. i just bought a new scale a didnt want to suscribe to their program but since i surfed the web to find out how to use the scale and i found liaw link. now i can use the scale for just what i wanted and that is to find out weight for items i am selling on ebay.this saves me time from going to the post office and having them weigh i can weigh at home and print my postage through paypal or i cant stress many thanks again liaw because i thought i was stuck with this unusable scale that i just bought off of ebay.
uutwit2 years ago

Another free scale software option here:

I like like this one because it's light and clean. I have tried them all and the others are sort of clunky or buggy.

Allenduby2 years ago

To communicate with my USB postal scale we use the software Bill Redirect that can send the weight to any existing application in format I want (lbs, kg, oz, g)... This software can send the weight when it is stable, continuoussly or on demand when the user do a Hot-key or click on the screen ... Compatible with Excel, MS-ACCESS ...

This is a very good solution if you are looking for software with many possibilities (no limit)

The solution:

Baracalao2 years ago

I found that this one works for me.

MichaelD1292 years ago

I've been playing around with a 550 USB scale. No one seemed to know how to reset (zero out) the scale programmatically. Just modify the source code to send a 4 and a 0 to the scale.

CherokeeN2 years ago

Thank you SourceForge and Zeta_Mark

zeta_mark2 years ago

Read about this from an Amazon review recently:

froggymamma2 years ago

This app from endicia lets you use the scale from its for pc or mac and its free

AstralanTX2 years ago

Been looking for this. Thanks so much!

gea.may.73 years ago

first link still 8 thanks a bunch!!!

Bad Maxx3 years ago

Hello and THANK YOU!

Windows 7

IE 9

For some reason when it found my scale, it showed a weight of 488lbs 9 oz. right away, then following the instructions I added a small amount of weight, my coffee cup. It added the weight to 488lb 9 oz. making it 489lb 5oz. I turned off the scale, turned it back on, but the software and scale do not communicate without searching for the scale (it still has to be searched for every time I use it) it found it, still 488lbs 9 oz. turned the scale of and upside down and gave it a hell of a shake. 0lbs 0oz. after I turned it back on. put my coffee cup on it, 5 oz. and back to 0lbs and 0 oz when I take it off! Works every time after doing a search for scales after starting the software and turning on the scale.

Thank You for sharing this with us!

otimo4 years ago
Thanks for the app, madman. Had to install .NET 4, and it works great.
I just picked up one of these scales at a thrift store for $6. No model #, but says "batch 5-03" on label. It has a digital display, and if I use a usb power supply (as opposed to attaching it to computer) it functions as a stand-alone scale, which is how I checked it out at the store.
madman297294 years ago
anyone still having trouble can try my app... its free

it works with the 5lbs scale model 550

should also work with other scales
I have windows XP and downloaded the scale software but all I get is scale not connected when I try to use it. Any suggestions? The scale is a 550 The file in your link will not extract and says it is corrupted.
im confused... on the download page your say it opens and says cant find the scale but here you say you can't even open the zip file?

if it doesn't find your scale.
1. make sure its plugged into the computer
2. make sure the scale is on.
3. try a different port
4. try a different usb cable
5. install 7-Zip (thats what was used to compress it)
6. check the md5 of your usb scale app download
7 make sure you click setting and see if the VID: & PID: listed.
8 click auto detect, will tell you to place an object on your scale, that way its not @ 0, (other non scale apps will return 0) then click ok.
Ok it works. I don't understand why but as long as it works I don't care. It showed no weight when I tried it before. I picked up the scale to look at the back to see if there was any other numbers on it I needed. I noticed that it showed - weight when I turned it over. I put it back on the desk and put the coffee cup on it and it worked!!! Thanks for your patience.
could you please update your review for my app on sourceforge? thanks
There are two separate files that I have tried. Both say they work with the scale. One of them has the name USB-Scale the other one has USBScales as a name. They both open and install but niether one finds the scale. I do not see a button for settings like is shown on your picture above. When they do extract and open the second one has an .exe but the other one just says scale program on it. I have uninstalled and re downloaded several times and that's all I get. The same looking window you show but no settings button or place along the bottom for weight. Just the message scale not found. Is there a different file I need to download?
my app is called USB Scale Reader, if the app doesn't say that its not made by me! also mine doesn't install its just in an archive, again if you have to install it then its not made by me.
Thanks. The https loction you have above your post is the one I got. After much fooling around and reinstalling net 4.0 it did pop up and show the scale as you picture it. It shows the settings button and 0 pounds 0 ounces in the display. when I turn the scale off the message changes to no scale connected as expected. When I turn it back on it goes back to the zero weight display. When I place a weight on the scale it stays at 0 however. Both on the display on my monitor and the scale display. Any ideas?
make sure your using the latest version, as far as it not displaying weight make sure there is nothing on your scale when its is off then turn it on...
you can download my app from


I just re-downloaded the file that you list above that says if you are still having trouble "" I downloaded and installed 7 zip. When I try to extract the contents of this file it says there are no files to extract or it is corrupted. Also in the scale program I don't see md5. There is nothing.

bjratey4 years ago
For those with problems with the free scale program and Windows 8, check out ebay,

I have used this program and although it is not free it does work with Windows 7 and 8 64-bit
Thanks, Paul! I can't believe I found this on the 'ibles site! Just what I need for work.
johncow5 years ago
How amazing! I kept my scale in pile of empty boxes and totally forgot about it. This week, my son's boy scout have a car race which needs to weigh his hand-machined car. I then remembered this scale and searched for driver. It works perfectly! Thanks!
dkelly115 years ago
Thanks worked great!
robcb855 years ago
The link above worked, but I wanted to have programmatic access to the device. It's a standard HID interface. I installed pywinusb and ran the demo, selected the scale and it started spitting out the raw bytes.

It's a very simple protocol and you can learn the protocol details at this blog:
gcamp07305 years ago
If anyone needs Mac software, try this (not free, but it works) -
Or this direct link to the developer site:
Actually, the demo is fully functional; it just has a 10s delay.
cbranca6 years ago
this is the master like fore the file it cost like$2.00 us .
ekset226 years ago
well its a little late for me to tell you that it does work cause my computer crashed and i had to reinstall the software and it worked for me is a zip file and you open it and install it and it works 100%
dtommyd7 years ago
I tried the link in this thread and it didn't work. Maybe it works for others but on windows 7 I'll just say it didn't work for me and seemed dated. I found this on Ebay. Here is a link to his site. $1.79. Search Ebay or try this. It also claims that it can be used to 15 pounds (accuracy degrades).
jcourcha7 years ago
You can download the software immediately for $1.49 at
If you cant find the software anywhere, a Buspirate might work to find out the serial protocol used and then you could wire it up to an arduino and go from there.
Lay odds on it being a USB/serial interface.

Probably. The question is what protocol it uses. Manufacturer is the easiest source for that information.
If the maker will play ball, you're all set, but if they don't you need to get some kind of USB packet sniffer.
Similar to the BusPirate?
Probably, he said, non-commitally
orksecurity7 years ago
Have you tried contacting -- or looking for the actual manufacturer's label on the thing and contacting them -- to see if the drivers are available/documented?