usb to aux cable?

I am planning to make wireless headphones. The only way I see it working is that I need a usb bluetooth thing connected to an aux cable which is connected to tiny earbuds.

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rickharris7 months ago

you will also need a BT receiver and perhaps an amplifier. All easily available on Amazon or Ebay.

Click on diagram for connections.

BT link.jpg
CanuckianGamer (author)  rickharris7 months ago

I need a really small bt and the smallest would be a usb bt but I need a way to have an adapter from usb to aux and thats what i need

steveastrouk7 months ago

Yes, and ?

CanuckianGamer (author)  steveastrouk7 months ago

I need a way to get a really short usb to aux cable.

Jack A Lopez7 months ago

That's a great idea! You should do that thing you just described.