vempires weakness ?

vempires weakness

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Kiteman3 years ago

Depends which vampire in which fictional context - some can't cross water, some can't stand garlic, some can only rest on soil from their own grave, some can't stand sunlight, some can't come into your home without an invitation.

petercd3 years ago

Money, once its gone so are they.

rickharris3 years ago

Daylight, stakes, silver bullets

(oh no that's werewolves)

Bad fiction writers.

Vyger3 years ago

They taste like chicken, and everything likes to eat chicken.

What the hell is a Vempires? If you mean Vampire then it will depend, what fictional universe your vampire is from. Are you referring to traditional vampires or the pitiful vampires from Twilight?

Vyger3 years ago

biggest weakness is they don't exist.

iceng3 years ago

Happens from sucking ebola carriers.