video of how to make flowers out of leather? thank you.

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Depends on the bloom shape you want.
kihem (author)  AngryRedhead8 years ago
Hi, thanks for you quick responce. Actually I'm trying to find out how to make   3D roses and other flowers out of leather (petal by petal). I think it can be done with cold and hot water, but I do need more infos....or video...

Having never done this but having looked up briefly how to shape leather, which obviously makes me a master brazen enough to offer a half-concocted idea, this is what I'd suggest doing for a peony or water-lily shaped bloom (much more "wow" than a rose - definitely look up pictures):

-Get a bowl (preferably pyrex or stainless steel) with a nicely rounded bottom.
-Cut a single daisy shape with lots of petals connected to an inner circle out of the leather.
-Soak in water.
-Arrange the daisy shape on the up-turned bowl and press the leather to the shape of the bowl.
-Dry with a blow dryer why continuing to shape the leather.

My apologies in advance if it doesn't work.
kihem (author)  AngryRedhead8 years ago
I will deff try it.....THANK YOU...
elitecn7 years ago

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frollard8 years ago
make a long strip with one edge straight, the other edge like a sine wave (or other shape...

roll the strip up.