visco fuse?

does anyone know where I can buy visco fuse?

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if you really want it, go build a visco fuse machine. take a god long read at how they work, and watch a video of them in action.
they may look complex and like they dont work, but trust me they do.

otherwise, if you want to buy visco fuse, and you live in america, look at, pyrouniverse, united nuclear ect.

if you live in australia, look at bargainmart, though be prepared to pay dearly if you live in the NT or WA,
also, planetpyro or pyroplanet (i forget ), ship fuse to australia.

look at this link, most of the online stores will sell visco fuse
No, but I'm sure Google would.
... assuming it's legal in your area, of course.
All he asked was where he could acquire some, not about the legality of it. And in the probably unlikely case of it being illegal to order whichever product wherever he is, he could make his own with reasonable ease.
In my area, anything that looks too much like fireworks needs a pyro license, and you really can't acquire legally without one. Your milage will vary, of course.
Over here most things that aren't propelled are ok.
draconis537 (author)  The Ideanator6 years ago
my dad's an EOD tech he could probably help me to find some, and maybe we could go to the bomb range and do whatever there, so legality isn't really an issue, he's deployed right now so I was just wondering where I could possibly get the stuff. But like I said, he could probably help me with everything.
seandogue6 years ago
If it's what I think it is, you should be able to purchase it at hobby shops that sell model rocketry parts.