vision integrated haptic arm?

please help me with my project. i have 1 d.o.f robtic arm controlled by potentiometre and aurdino nano. i want to know whether i would need two other microprocessor for vision integration of my robot. or  can i use my nano itself for vision. i am instructed to make a arm which recognises object and picks up.please suggest me about boards,codes to use. 

Picture of vision integrated haptic arm?
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iceng5 months ago

You do not know software or how small a Nano would be
for a vision task.. Start learning about edge detection and neural
networks for object recognition...

I would start with a 2D symbol on my target object.

bharathi1607 (author)  iceng5 months ago

thx for your reply. i would like to hear more suggestions related to programming platform, and which camera to be choosen etc..

Before I suggest a camera, I need to know your programming skills ?

Can you do machine language ?

bharathi1607 (author)  iceng5 months ago

sir i know basic c++, and i am learning java. i dnt know about machine codes. i admit that i dnt have any prequisite knowledge about anything i have asked as questions. with your great suggestions i will go search on the things, codes. i am in a situation that someone should help in alaphabets so tat i could build my own sentence. kindly help me out.

rickharris5 months ago

BIG task! I hope your programming skills are very very good.

Select you microprocessor by deciding on the necessary speed, Input Output requirements, Cost, Programming Language.

YOU need to do the research - It's your project, a good start is to look up similiar projects and see what they have used.

In general object recognition is very hard to do, then you have to be able to direct the arm to the object to pick it up.

I woouldnt expect the NANO to be good enough.

bharathi1607 (author)  rickharris5 months ago

thx for your reply, can you please suggest some of the processsor that would be suitable

iceng rickharris5 months ago


You do not know how difficult a project you have...