want to convert/fabricate 1 wheel front fork to two wheels for added winter stability for bicycle

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Check www.atomiczombie.com or www.rqriley.com and possibly www.3wheeters.com  !

Like sennomo said ,  there are lots of places on th' net that may help !
Yeah ,  They are primarily motorcycle oriented but give a lot of info on how certain "tadpole" conversions were done ! 

Just thought it might help !
sennomo7 years ago
I suppose there are many ways to do it.  If you don't need a very wide spread, you could try spreading a normal fork wide, then using a very long axle bolt to mount the wheels side by side.  Using a steel fork for 700C wheels, this should work with 20" wheels, possible with larger ones.  Such a configuration would be somewhat like having one fat squarish wheel.  Sharp turns would definitely be awkward because one wheel would lift off the ground.

If you want serious spread for more stability, then you'll want a tadpole trike configuration.  There are various sites scattered about the web about this.  The main challenge is steering.  It's a lot more complicated than single wheel steering.
So make a tricycle ?