want to modernise attendance system in my college.

i want to make an instrument which can scan the bar code on student's id card, and put their attendance. Give me some guidance on this topic

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Vyger3 years ago

Develop an RFID system instead of bar codes. That way the scanning is done passively. All the have to do is have the ID and walk past the reader. The technology is available and as far as I know not very expensive. With a more sophisticated system you would be able to track a persons movements within a set boundry like a school building.

rickharris3 years ago

I worked in a school where the students had an ID card and scanned it on their way into school.

No problems other than the log jam to get in at the last moment.

HOWEVER by law we still had to check attendance the old way in class with a roll call anyway.

I postulate that in those days students ID card scanner computers could only handle a single scan-in-station :-)

I presume the scan IDea was to save time = money to further the teaching effort but politics as usual got in the way of fledgling progress... Though my wife a retired educator like you tells me students would readily discover a way to fool a simple computer for their own frivolous ends without the roll call.

Over here a new idea ( Tesla electric car ) can bargain with the lawmaking body to change the offending law ( only dealership auto sales allowed. Tesla sells its cars directly ), if the state ( Texas ) truly wants to acquire the future 6000 job Li battery manufacturing facility. So that situation law must be changed.

The system was intended to make student tracking easier. School entry was a 4 station system but it had to pass 2000 students through in a fairly short time, they tend to arrive on busses and so you get periods when up to 100 students could be trying to get in.

We also tracked them into the classrooms but that was abandoned because it took too long and caused too much congestion in the corridors whilst students tried to get in.

The ID card was useful though 1. it allowed them to pay for dinner etc. via a pre pay system. 2. If they were naughty you could ask for their card, they then couldn't leave school or do much without it so they would have to return to you for punishment to get it back.

Good concept to make the cards valuable to students. I take it there was some feature to prevent unauthorized card users.

iceng3 years ago

I don't know about Gandhinagar but here in Nevada setting up the student database for this to work would require school participation which is extremely doubtful.....

Triclaw3 years ago

the kids are not gona like that . they pay do go "teacher leave them kids alone"