want to remove a two layer flower bed .

2 layer  flower bed   that i want to be removed. however the flower bed is made out of  railroad ties  and steel bolts. however the  concern i have is  wwhen i remove the flower bed is i dont wantt my back yard flooded .  behind me is a  cementary and belived that is why the flower bed is s o high. i went around and ask my neighbors and none have this high flower bed and i want something  level to the ground.

Getting the flower bed out is the easy part. Dig out the dirt inside the bed with shovels (or rent a small backhoe) down to ground level, then use a chainsaw to cut the RR ties into manageable lengths. Make sure to avoid cutting into the bolts. Then just pull out the sections of RR tie and dispose of them. Once the ties are out of the way, you can level the ground with shovels and rakes and implements of destruction (or the backhoe).

Preventing flooding is more complicated, especially since I don't know what the lay of the land in your backyard is. Is the yard itself level, or is it sloped toward or away from the house? Does the flower bed run the entire width of the backyard? Is the cemetary uphill from your yard? How close are your neighbors' yards to yours? Depending on how the land lays, you might need to install a drain tile or even a drainage ditch to manage the rainwater, if the flower bed is currently acting as a runoff barrier. Or not. It's hard to say with certainty in the absence of specific details.
We need to see a photo of the yard to advise better.
I'm not even sure a photo would do. Maybe a series of photos and a diagram....
l8nite7 years ago
I agree with Kiteman, a pic would help a lot, we dont want to tell you how to dismantle a retaining wall and have you crushed or something