water is leaking from the shut off valve of my toilet, how do I fix this?

I just noticed that water is leaking from the pipe that connects from the back of the toilet to the wall. right above the knob where you shut off the water.    I don't even know how to begin to repair this, any suggestions?

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psantanello2 years ago

leaking water pipe under toilet. How do I fix this? And where do I shut off water to toilet?

Before you take the time to replace the valve, make sure it's opened all the way. Those cheap shutoff valves often have very poor packing because they are designed to be opened completely. Opening the valve all the way presses the washer against the cap, dispensing with the need for a seal around the stem (packing).
If the leak is coming from the connection between the valve and the tank supply line, you might try just unscrewing the supply from the valve, cleaning the threads thoroughly, wrapping the threads with teflon tape, and reconnecting.
If the leak is between the wall pipe and the valve, turn off the water at the street, unscrew the valve from the pipe nipple coming out of the wall, clean the threads, wrap with teflon tape and reconnect.
When removing the valve from the pipe nipple, take care to turn only the valve, not the pipe nipple. You don;t want to create a new leak inside the wall by loosening the nipple at the wrong end. You'll need two pipe wrenches to do this properly, one to hold the nipple steady, and the other to remove the valve.
If this doesn't fix the leak, you'll probably need to repair or replace whichever part is leaking, like Nacho and onrust said.
Kiteman7 years ago
A photo would help a lot - toilet fittings vary wildly.
onrust7 years ago
I agree with Nacho...BUT try giving it a turn (1/4) first. If it needs repacking it needs to be replaced. Then you turn off the water and change it with 2 wrenches. Worst case scenario, you may have to change the ferrel and nut BUT most everything is "brasscraft" and even still if the threads fit it will work. If you need to change the nut get this: http://www.nrha.org/Vendorfiles/vendor66/03875%20Plumbers%20Puller%20hints.pdf........it can be purchased at Home Depot for +/- $15. Don't be scared EVERYBODY is a plumber!
NachoMahma7 years ago
. It sounds a lot like the packing is leaking, but I'm not sure exactly what "right above the knob where you shut off the water" means. If it is the packing, I would suggest getting someone to repack the valve or buying a new one.