wats a good way to make a mag for a block trigger gun?

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DrWeird1178 years ago
Don't build a block trigger unless you want harsh comments from uppity-stuck builders who think they're great.
What about uppity-stuck builders who are great?
just dont talk to DJ Radio.
Well...They should do their best to hide it, then.
My vote for best answer =/
unfortunately it's true lol
X Files6 years ago
I think you can just keep it simple. any mag will do, as long as the ram can fit through and hit the bullet.
knexsniper18 years ago
There are several ways to make a mag for a gun. the fact that it is a block trigger gun has no affect on the type. this is what i know of: 1. use those tan clips to border the bullet and have a mag under or a hopper above to insert a bullet 2. use cut grey pieces. cut of the curved part on those one way connectors that are grey to form a perfect casing for each bullet. 3. if you are no using a bullet-through-connector hole type gun, then another type would be like I_am_canadians pistol Good luck!
An Villain8 years ago
Use an tan barrel. You can find much on the Internet. Use extreme builder's design for a mag.
An Villain8 years ago
look up semi auto repeater shotgun and see how he did it.