wats diff betwin light and darcness

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Theseth, who asked the question, is from Algeria so he must be acquainted with the Koran, which says*, "Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth.." and, "Indeed the man from Allah withholds His light shall find no light at all."<

Theseth must have had the light withheld from him, so he sought enlightenment from Instructables. Very wise.

*(from http://urantiabook.org/archive/readers/doc030.htm)
! ;-)

touche, my friend
frollard8 years ago
In 'reality' terms, light is photons (bits of light energy) that emit from a source, and without getting to philosophical - must be detected to exist :D  (tree falls in the forest analogy).

No light coming from something means darkness.

Light is measured in quantity (lumens) and brightness (candlepower).  They are not the same.  100 lumens of light is total output.  I forget the conversion, but something like 1 lumen on 1 square meter is one candlla... *THAT IS NOT 100% ACCURATE, just an illustration.

Examples:  A light bulb has a few hundred lumens, and is relatively bright, a few hundred candlepower.
A LASER has many fewer lumens (overall light) but is EXTREMELY brighter (higher candllas for the extremely small area that IS lit).

Neat trick:  Many bathrooms don't have a window - try this.  Turn off all the lights you can, close the bathroom door, and block the gaps around the door. (easier at night).  Let your eyes adjust.  You'll notice ANY light source, even extremely dim ones start to become 'bright' to your eyes.  You can't see 'the dark' just the light that leaks in.  An indicator led on an electric toothbrush can light up the room enough to see everything.
reality schmeeality!


( I just didn't have time to explain what I would think is common sense..Thanks Giving day family gathering took precedence over answering yet another silly question in serious terms...)
Turkey has that effect on some people...

wut....um....huh? <yawwwwns>

I suppose so. For me, (aside from seeing the family *almost all together) it's the Southern style gravy, the stuffing (from the bird), and the sweet potatoes...(oh, and my mom's mince meat pie....God, but I love my mom's mince meat pie...as good or better than her Fruit cakes @ Christmas time)

And by "serious" I meant technical, 'lest anyone thing that I believe good and evil aren't serious matters.
Ours (Canajun) was a month ago - I love the pigs in a blanket:  Breakfast sausage roasted wrapped in pieces of bacon.  All calories, all waistline.   THAT good!
I like pigs in a blanket too, although it's a treat I rarely get to enjoy whatever the variant. Funny though..."way down south" here ;-), many call pigs in a blanket sausage linked (precooked) cooked into pancakes, and I think I've even heard a few people say that it's sausage links (again, precooked...I would think)  cooked into a fried egg... (i've had both of the first  and like them very much but like my eggs and sausage separated unless it's scrambled or an omlet). Happy Belated...

Now I'm hungry. darn it.

Z..8 years ago
One is when the other is not present.
Re-design8 years ago
Darkness is scary.
lemonie8 years ago
darcness is the name a PHP content engine.
light has many meanings

seandogue8 years ago
Light is good, darkness is evil.

martzsam8 years ago
"Darkness" is basically nothing. If you put it in easy terms, darkness is just the absence of light.