welds form in balls, not strong.gassless mig 60-90A , 10/15% duty cycle, wire speed 0-10.3 m/min?

settings above, not sure of wire but am using what shop said to get

Perhaps the very first place to start is to verify that your household electrical wiring can supply the current that the welder needs to weld. I have a small mig welder ,and the label says that it needs to be operated on a 20 amp electrical circuit..So I have installed a 20 amp outlet wired with 10 gauge wire coming from the breaker panel. Oh, yes, and if you are using an electrical extension cord , make sure its the proper gauge wire. They sell heavy duty 10 gauge extension cords at places like Home Depot. Definitely don't assume that your wiring is o.k. if you are not the original owner of the home. I have seen an older home where the goofball had wired the outlet with lamp cord!
jtobako8 years ago
Those are the machine ratings, not the settings : ) What are you welding (thickness)? What are the switches set at? Is it popping or buzzing when you are welding?
frollard8 years ago
Use a piece of scrap to make some test beads, and experiment around the ranges you have. The amperage is important to the thickness of the material you're welding - For smaller gasless consumer machines you need flux core wire... Make sure you're holding the tip less than ~1cm away from the work surface... Other than that, google 'how to weld' - lots of material comparison guides.