were can i download halo3 mods for free?

like how to get a halo3 army of spartains and elites and halo super weopons and expoint cheats without getting banned by bungie and recon amour and all other cool stuff?

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ghoru7 years ago
its kinda like whether or not you are allowed to copy movies etc you can copy movies they give you te ability to, however the minute you sell, rent etc your in trouble....basically as long as you are not making money off of someone elses work
Liad8 years ago
Go to bungie.net and go into files and search "mods" That's odd isn't it...... how they go against mods and yet they have them on thier own site he he he he So.... thats what i did and i got some relly cool maps wit strange weapons including the gausse turret from the back of a warthog,it's actually placed on the floor and you can move it around, and they have cool racing maps so i hope you like the mods and if u want to be my friend on xbox live my gamer tag is Ninja inja i have loads of cool mods my friend streamed onto the 360 from te computer so i could show you them if you want
Steamdnt8 years ago
You cant, Mods are an infringement of the Terms of service you agreed to when buying the game, and or, signing up for their online service.
That doesn't stop anyone from Modding. Any ways. Filefront is a website with mods for many games, however, I'm not sure if they have halo 3 mods.
By that I mean that we are not allowed to talk about it here.
Oh. I thought you meant by buying a game, you agree not to mod it.
You do