what about toyota corolla car's sensors?

my car is toyota corolla 2000
I want to convert my current dashboard from analog to digital one.
What is the type of the outputs of the car's sensors(speedometer sensor,temperature meter sensor and fuel meter sensor)?
Is it voltage,current,resistance or frequency?
How can I know the location of these sensors in the car??

Why don' t you look in the service manual ?
ahwaheed (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
yes I did , thank you.
The Toyota will have an OBD port hidden somewhere. The simplest thing to do is to read that, and process the data from there to your display.
NachoMahma6 years ago
.  Your best bet would be to tap into the OBD/CAN bus. Most, if not all, of the digital data you want is already there in the standard data set. Google is your friend. I use a ScanGuage2* to monitor the OBD/CAN bus in my car.
.  The type of sensor output will depend on the variable being measured. Oil pressure and water temperature are usually a resistive element. Vehicle speed and engine RPM are often magnetic sensors that have a pulse output.
.  To find the physical location of the sensors, get a shop/maintenance manual for your car. Do NOT tap into the sensor wires of a modern car directly - you can cause false readings.

*That is a recommendation. I have been very happy with the ScanGuage2 I bought.