what are some fun and easy duct tape things to make?


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1. duct tape wallet
2. duct tape purse
3. duct tape phone case
4. duct tape clutch
5. duct tape flowers
6. duct tape clothes
7. duct tape bookmarks
8. duct tape baskets
9. duct tape pillows
10. duct tape tie
11. duct tape bow
12. duct tape lunch box with insulation
13. duct tape covering binders, folders, decorating office supplies
14. duct tape...ANYTHING! :)
lemonie8 years ago
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How does this apply to making things with duct tape? Just curious!

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Dmccullough17 here again, here is a picture of the first one my little sister made :)
Photo on 2011-05-30 at 10.40 #2.jpgPhoto on 2011-05-30 at 10.40.jpg
you can make duct tape flowers, if you go onto Duck Tape website, then go to the duck club, ductivities and they are under featured. Your first one is always hard, but the second or third one is really fun and EASY!

Tip: I like to spray perfume on mine and the smell lasts for weeks!
Duct tape wallet, duct tape purse and duct tape bracelet are just a few
I like your user name :D
KottonKandy7 years ago
You can make duct tape purses, or bookmarks.
 I made a guide to show how to make a heavy duct tape tennis ball here.
Hiyadudez8 years ago
Here is a link for the Duct Tape Guide with loads of duct tape projects to do!

anna rox8 years ago

1. Duct tape over peoples mouths! jks!

2. Duct tape mummy!
3. Duct tape watch

4. duct tape insect catcher

5. dupt tape head band! (might get caught in your hair though!)

6. cover stuff in duct tape e.g. books, pens, pencilcases, tables! lol! go crazy!!!!!


Sandisk1duo8 years ago
duct tape wallet