what are some fun things to make out of duct tape besides wallets?

i have a lot of duct tape but i don't know what to make. I have made a bunch of wallets and I don't find it fun. Please give me ideas. Thanks.

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kaylaucod5 years ago
i say. mouse pads, flowers bouquets, lanyard, pens, bible case spelling your name on a piece of card bored! thats all i can think of sorry
dancer996 years ago
here's some more, easter baskets,jewlory boxs, a bible carring case, an ipod case, pillow cases
dancer996 years ago
You can make dresses, purses, shoes,make up bags, a little thing like a purse but smaller and keep your cell phone in it.roses, folders costers,table mats.that's all I can think of if I think of any more I'll post it hope this helped!!!
seandogue6 years ago

(just kidding...jeez)
kelseymh6 years ago
Here are some.

And here are some more.

And if those aren't enough, try these.
lemonie6 years ago
How many wallets did you make before you didn't find it fun anymore?

orksecurity6 years ago
Have you tried entering "duct tape" in the search box at the upper right of this page?

Personally, I don't find making things out of duct tape all that interesting as a concept, except for its silliness factor. I'd rather make things I want, and use duct tape (or anything else) to assist in that when appropriate.