what are some safe and effective chemicals can i use to add in the glue to make a paper as hard as wood?

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Yonatan243 months ago

Micarta - paper with epoxy resin

Tady43 Yonatan243 months ago
I'm interested in knowing how many loops or turns does a 2 pole
Honda 3500watt generator have
The two coil have 24Vdc no matter how many windings (loops) there Are would a Honda 7500watt have the same amount of loops
Tady433 months ago

Crazy glue with sand


iceng Tady433 months ago


Hi Tim,

Can you name the type of sand or grain size for best wood like consistency..

In my field sand and varnish are used to impregnate transformers for rough


Tady43 iceng3 months ago
Some of the guys used it on there RC airplanes near the beach
The beach sand would do ok
You mention transformers
Would you happen to know how many windings are in a portable generator rotor winding any size 1,000watts to 10,000watts

iceng Tady433 months ago

A lot of small generators are built like alternators where a small DC current slipped into the rotor is regulated to generate the appropriate magnetic field to induce the desired voltage into the stator windings of your question..

Different frame sizes, the number of poles, machine length, magnet wire insulating film temperature, magnetic lamination permeability, manufacturer and technology available all contribute to the number of turns per pole be it a single phase or three phase generator... So from 2000 turns to 80 turns may cover the range...

BTW a standard 3phse induction motor can be a generator with the simple addition of three AC capacitors... Next chucked three phase motor you find take the horse power times 746 to get watts and count the turns... Which the second pic demonstrates in simple assist house heating where the temperature regulation is still done by the home thermostat as the incandescent light bulbs heat the floor in variable wind conditions, there is less fuel is needed to maintain a habitable living space...

Click the pics to see the whole image.



I don't know if you consider this safe but when I saw your question I remembered the existence of a product that is used to impregnate rotten wood to make it hard again.

I have never personally used it but my brain is saying that it is worth investigation.

I have chosen a random company to show you the type of product that I am talking about:


Good Luck

Downunder35m3 months ago

One safe but costly option is to use PVA wood glue and to add (water based) acrylic paint.
You know the type of paint/varnish you would use to seal wood in clear.
Downside is that this mix can take a few days to fully dry.
A cheaper, slightly unsafer but also faster way is to "harden" the paper while creating your model.
Only for outside use though as indoors the vapours won't be nice.
Instead of glue you dissolve polystyrene in acetone until it gets a glue like consistency.
Soak the paper you want to work with in it and make sure you fix it in place before the acetone evaporates.
Once the acetone is fully gone you will have a hard and plastic like surface with quite a good stability.
And the whole thing will be fully waterproof.

rickharris3 months ago

PVA will set hard if you add it to papiermache - That's regular white glue but buy it from a hardware store it's a lot cheaper.

I should have added it won't be long term water proof unless you use waterproof glue.

iceng3 months ago

Starch spray or epoxy come to mind.. Both can impregnate cellulose fibers and attach a rigid structure within the paper matrix..