what are the best weapons in these groups: assault rifle, pistol, close quarters?

i want to make a group of weapons with different uses, eg; assault rifle, pistol, a tazer, knife, close quarters. so what are the best weapons in these groups?
thanx guys

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stale567 years ago
Do you mean real guns?I never shot any in real life, so my opinion may not be the best, but my personal favorites are...
AR: HK M416
SMG(This wasn't on the list, but oh well): HK MP7
Pistol: Glock (G18), I also think that the Walther PPK is cool (it works well for Bond...)
Taser: I always thought that a taser was a taser, never really knew that there was a difference between them, except that newer ones would be more innovative.
Knife: WASP, it injects gas on impact
Close Quarters: XM26-LSS or AA12... Fully automatic shotguns...
am wooly (author) 7 years ago
real guns but in knex form.
Your teeth, for all of them
am wooly (author)  TwistedParadox7 years ago
thats not very nice, but since you started it, your mum.
The Jamalam7 years ago
AST = ZKAR Pistol = Any oodammo pistol, such as TJOS-1 Close Quarters = TR18
DJ Radio7 years ago
Assault rifle- TR18, Z35 Pistol- Killerk pistol, any oodammo pistol Close quarters- ZKARv3, knexsayer, TR18