what are the characteristics of a creator ? plz tell me?

i want to create something knew so would u please tell me the characteristics of a great creator and innovator. it is helpful to me change my behavior.

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mikeasaurus6 years ago
I don't think any one characteristic defines a 'creator'. Creation is a personal journey and widely subjective, just like art.

There is no 'right' or 'best', just you. I'm reminded of Carl_Jung's typography, where everyone is equipped with 4 mental functions: Intuition, Thinking, Feeling, Sensing. There is overlap, but most people identify with one. Depending on where you fall in the typography that's where you'll draw inspiration from.
Here's a matrix that might help:
Key Descriptors Intuitor Thinker Feeler Sensor
Focus Ideas Facts Feelings Actions
Strength Traits Conceptual/Creative Logical/Detailed Empathetic/Judgemental Practical/Functional
Time Sense Future Past/Present/Future Past Now
Basic Approach Why? What? Possibilities? What if? Alternatives? How come? How do I feel about it? When? How much? How fast?
Over-use Idealistic/Impractical Rigid/Indecisive/Slow Subjective/Sentimental Impulsive/Short-sighted

All types have a strengths. So, it's no necessary to "change [your] behaviour", just understand who you are, play to your strengths and take a unique approach.
craftyv6 years ago
+ 1. I'm not sure a great creator or innovator can be made. You would need the creative interest first then you can definitely develop your developmental skills. Worksecurity said it perfectly.
nagarajugajula100 (author)  craftyv6 years ago
thank you, for your valuable suggestion .
orksecurity6 years ago
Lots of information about this on the Internet. It boils down to:

1) Think systems. Ask why, why not, what if, what then. Look at everything and ask how it can be improved, why it hasn't been improved, and whether that barrier can be removed or worked around... or if a completely different way to solve the problem would be better.

2) Work your butt off. Learn enough to be able to evaluate your ideas. Experiment. Learn more. Repeat.

Being "great" isn't easy. Being even "good" can be a lot of work, but can be a lot of fun.
nagarajugajula100 (author)  orksecurity6 years ago
yes , you right , i must follow which you have told

A great creator or innovator also has to be able to think outside of the box.
nagarajugajula100 (author)  janw6 years ago
exactly you are correct .
seandogue6 years ago
In a nutshell, a creator creates. He or she innovates, improves, invents, models, designs, fabricates, and sometimes even presents.
nagarajugajula100 (author)  seandogue6 years ago
thanks you.
bwrussell6 years ago
Go to school and become an engineer, it will change the way you see the world.

Use decent grammar and spelling when talking, or writing on the internet, to people about your inventions or ideas. If people can't understand you it will cause confusion and could derail your projects and if people have to decipher what you are writing they will dismiss you and assume you don't know what you are talking about.
nagarajugajula100 (author)  bwrussell6 years ago
if u do not know about the answer of the question. please don't give any irresponsible answers if u do not mind and thanks for spending time to give such a answer .
LoneWolf6 years ago
lots and lots of patience.