what are the newest proxy sites?


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Kiteman6 years ago
Have you seen this site?

+1! :)
lemonie6 years ago
I've no idea, please do tell me if you find out.


(also please tell me what they are, and why you want to know)
thegeeke6 years ago
Do a word search on this site. This question get's asked about twice a day. Here's the answer you will get from pretty much everyone on this site:

You are probably trying to use a proxy to bypass filters or do something illegal. I will not help you do this. If you have a legitimate reason for being on a blocked site, just ask your admin. They will be happy to add it to your allowed list. If you don't have a ligit reason to be on a site, forget it. You will eventually be caught, and then you will be in even more trouble.

Give us a ligit reason to use a proxy and we will probably help you, but at this point, you seem like a little child that's trying to get on bad sites from your parent's or school's computer. I don't think anyone on this site will help you do that.
iceng thegeeke6 years ago