what are the things or trash that are good to save because it is oftenly used as insructable materials?

example of the answers i expect: - altoids tin can - old news papers etc.

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rickharris8 years ago
Practically anything big enough to cut up for later use. plastic, Cloth, Wood, Metal, Electronics although I prefer to buy new it save a lot of issues.
CapnTac8 years ago
The humble Altoids Can of course!
robotguy48 years ago
EVERYTHING! Er... Probably not perishables... I suggest keeping electronics and packaging.
Except Tvs and other montiors. If you don't know what you are doing, you can get a nasty shock from those (however, there is an instructable about how to take them apart safely).
mikeasaurus8 years ago
You are really only limited by your imagination. I've seen projects on here that run the gamut of materials used. There are common elements in some, but there is no foul in showing the community something new!
Kiteman8 years ago
Plastic bottles. Dead electronics. Scrap timber. Wire. Screws, nuts, bolts and other interesting fixings. String. etc.