what can 1/4 inch width plexi glass stand up to?

i want to build a battle bot out of of 1/4 inch plexi glass and i want to know if i will stand up to other robots and a lot of bumping around. Also, i need to drill into it, will it crack? thank you in advance.

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kevinhannan8 years ago
There are plenty of Battle Bot/Robot Wars clubs: you could go toone of their meetings and ask them. Plus it will give you the benfit of their experience and save you cost.
A hammer. Maybe. You can drill, but go slow so it doesn't melt. Make sure it's not Acrylic, because that will crack easily. I would do some tests on what you have and keep in mind that battlebots aren't cheap. Use half inch if you can afford it.
DaNerd11 (author)  JamesRPatrick8 years ago
hm, ok, so would a robot with a hammer break it or a person with a hammer break it? and also, i realize how expensive these are and this is my first time building one and im 14 so i dont have an extremely extensive knowledge of the electronics and all but i know what im doing for the most part, anything else my dad can help with (electrician). do you have any other materials that might be good for a battle bot that wouldnt be too expensive.
A person with a hammer might break it. Also, any robot with a saw will make quick work of any plastic. I would sacavenge a junkyard for thick steel plates, like from a wood burning stove or furnace.
DaNerd11 (author)  JamesRPatrick8 years ago
additionally, i would just like to point out, that being that this is my first battle bot i dont plan to enter this particular bot into any competitions. i just wanna get this whole building process down pat. but i like the tips anyway, thanks
DaNerd11 (author)  JamesRPatrick8 years ago
hmm, thanks, i just dont think there are any scrapyards near me. ill have to find one, and at this point i seriously hope my dad will finally teach me how to weld.....
benthekahn8 years ago
If the other bots have metal weapons, the plexi won't hold up well. As for the drilling, plexi doesn't crack as easily as glass so it's fine to drill in.