what can I do with a broken laptop monitor.?

the laptop that I have is a IBM Thinkpad that is broken but the monitor till works.

The_3rd7 years ago
If you are of the tinkering type, as I assume pretty much all of us are here, I would recommend looking into the link below for a driver/power kit, direct from japan...


It translates from japanese to english, and is close enough to get the idea of what is going on. I'd love to hear your results!
electrosam8 years ago
You can use it as a display but you will need to get decoder for it. As for laptops decoder is onboard. So now its just a screen.
Joe Martin8 years ago
Sorry, You can't use the screen for anything on it's own without a special controller, as this would be integrated into the motherboard with all the other components. The cost to obtain a controller would be more than the cost of a ready made usable LCD unit. I suggest you could maybe look for the same model laptop on ebay for cheap with a broken screen and swap it over, Or just put the screen on ebay or craiglist as someone else may have a broken screen and looking for one.
fwjs288 years ago
whats wrong with the thinkpad...hard drive crash, os crash/failure...etc..