what can I do with a mailing tube?

Is there any cool project I can do with a mailing tube? At first I thought a spud gun, but the pressures would exceed cardboard strength. Maybe a quiver. Btw it's 6 feet long and 2 inches ID.

bwrussell5 years ago
confetti cannon, prop building, musical instrument, vacuum cannon.

Periscope - add 2 small mirrors and a few angled cuts

Rack for cat toys - I covered some tubes with fun wrapping paper and use them to store the "things on a stick" type cat toys. You know you have a lot of cat toys when you have to build a cat toy organizer.
Burf5 years ago
Use it as the fuselage for a model rocket, make a 6 foot long periscope, paint red and white stripes spiralling around it for a holiday decoration peppermint stick, store your old posters in it, store your fishing rod in it...
blkhawk5 years ago
Some people create mazes for pets like mice, gerbils or bunnies with cardboard tubes.