what can I make from beer bottle caps (other than a rattle instrument)?

I, for some reason, save these things, and I have a lot. Is there anything that's at least a little functional, other than a noise device, that anyone can think of using them for. I hate to throw them away. Something that serves a function would be great! Thanks

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kylekosan236 years ago
a frisbee dig the smooth side into your finger and flick it
Several of your commenters mentioned this idea, but I covered a table with bottle caps and created a clear polymer table top.  It was pretty easy -- check it out:
Z1ggy8 years ago
you could do something like this
AndyGadget8 years ago
You're not the first to ask this question.
There's a few more ideas HERE.
purduecer8 years ago
Melt them down and make a keg?
iPodGuy8 years ago
I've seen a cool mosaic table top once.
Depending on how many you have you can cover the top of a table with them in any kind of pattern we did this in college alot.
Emsaid8 years ago
make beer bottle fridge magnets!!!
What I do is IF u have a small animal like a guinea pig u stack them up in their cage and let them knock it down. Another way is if u want to show ur collection off is to glue it on to a coffee table and put glass over it. Or show it off by glue ing it onto a belt. melt them into a giant block of metal, recycle, or sew them onto a shirt and make some chainmail!! Or if ur a girl or possibly guys can also do this make the bottle caps into jewelry
CrawdadMan8 years ago
If you have a guitar you could hot glue them to the top of your tuning pegs. it would make for a cool look.