what can I make out of several hundred meters of red plastic tubing of between 9 and 13mm diameter?

I have about 5 reels, each of around 40+ meters of red plastic tubing.  Each one is a slightly different diameter, ranging from around 9mm to 14mm.  I believe that it was originally intended for the repair of church organs.

The question is, what can I possibly make from this stuff?

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kevinhannan6 years ago

Make a sculpture with it and sell it!

(I do like the drip irrigation system from Kiteman - you could sell that really fast.)
Burf6 years ago
Cut it into 10 meter lengths and sell it on eBay and Craig's List. Do a little research to determine the value and price it accordingly.
GrotBox (author)  Burf6 years ago
I did try that, and I sold 3 meters in 1 month.
I'd rather get inventive with it anyway.
iceng6 years ago
Insulation for wire, is the tubing translucent ?
GrotBox (author)  iceng6 years ago
No, it's opaque.
iceng6 years ago
For a hundred year old, it is we who should ask for your wisdom, to make
anything including a best selling garden weed puller made of red plastic tubing.
No bending just place and pull.

Kiteman6 years ago
> Drip irrigation system?

> V-e-e-e-r-y long straw.

> Lots and lots of whistles.