what can I make using a portable dvd player's screen?

I have a portable dvd player with a broken power adapter. Does anyone have an idea of something to make using the lcd screen?

mg99906 years ago
you could make an lcd projector. It would still play movies.. Or you could make a handheld game system from buying or using an old system. http://moddedbybacteria.wordpress.com/retro-console-system-modding-guides/nintendo-n64-video-guide-log/ this guy right here mods old systems. this is a guide to making a handheld nintendo. Good luck!
jeff-o7 years ago
Why not fix the power adapter and use the DVD player again?
mrguy19187 (author)  jeff-o7 years ago
I don't really have any need of a portable dvd player, I hardly watch t.v or movies anymore, and am more interested in making something kind of cool, and learning how to do new things. Even if I did fix the adapter, I would still have a dvd player I never use.