what can I use to put on basement walls other than typical drywall? I want something different.?

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RavensCraft5 years ago
Seashells,drift glass, sand dollars?
bwrussell5 years ago
You could stain it.
blkhawk5 years ago
Some companies use non organic materials to finish basements. Mold will not grow on these non organic materials. Most basements have moisture and this moisture increases with the hydrostatic pressure of the surrounding ground water. Before you cover your walls with anything you need to install a water barrier on your walls and you need to create a way to collect all that water by breaking a few inches of the floor concrete and installing a system that will channel that water away from your basement, sometimes by means of a sump pump. In order to protect your investments, you may need to hire a contractor to finish your walls and floors in your basement.
QSDR5 years ago
research 'substrates' through a signwriting supplier. Some products off the top of my head: corflute (like plastic cardboard), forex smart (plastic strucural board), alucobond (composite aluminium/rubber sheet).

or perhaps render? though im not sure what backing render needs.
Re-design5 years ago
Carpet. Helps cut down on the noise.
CrLz5 years ago
Subway tiles, works in NYC.
subway tiles.jpg