what can i do with a broken LED projector?

I have a broken LG PA70G projector, it has a blue-ish image even when in the menu of the projector, and i'm thinking to repurpose it/ use it for something else. It's out of warranty so i don't care about it. The problem with it is that it started to get hot until one of the RGB connections got burned to ash. The rest is working fine. Any ideas what i could do with it?

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rickharris2 months ago

I might suggest the burned connection is possibly fixable?

Really apart from the display all you have a is a very bright light and a lense system.

CristiS (author)  rickharris2 months ago

I tried fixing it, but it's burned quite well and the pins are too small for me to be able to solder back. Also, i believe the issue is somewhere else as the ribbon cable for that connection gets hot even when not connected at all.

Then you have a bright light and a lense system. Most else isn't any use without the display.


make give you some ideas.

CristiS (author)  rickharris2 months ago

this sounds quite interesting and fun. i'll give it a try. thanks!


how to make an opaque projector (Epidiascope)

If it is a ribbon cable then fixing is very hard to impossible as the pitch is just too small for normal tools.
Had a few to tinker with and on some the foil in front of the LCD goes bad, on others it is the cables but I also had some that worked fine again after a good cleaning and lamp replacement.
I repurposed some for friends as a simple dia projector.

In my home country, "dia projector" is called, was called, "slide projector".


I am guessing the word, "dia", comes from the type of film.



This could be whay DU means, an old fashioned opaque projector - sometimed called an Epidiascope.

I think I have one of these, specifically the Episcopio(r) brand episcope. A picture of the box is attached. This is not a picture of the one I have, but mine looks similar. Made out of plastic. Cheap. Actually, mine was really cheap, since I found it at thrift store.

I think I've only played with this toy once or twice. I recall the projected image of the opaque object was very faint, even when projected onto a wall about 1 meter from the device, and with all other lights turned off.


I have a professionally made Epidiascope which has 150 watts of halogen lighting inside. (and a cooling fan) It is quite bright over 10 feet or so.