how can i convert my historical laptop Panasonic CF-41 to a e-book reader , anyone have any idea ???
i would like to convert it to a pdf reader but i want it to be like kindel reader  to make it easy to hold with one hand and it have os of win 95 :D

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exabopper5 years ago
On thing you might try is to get Linux running on it:

I have a Win98 laptop, and I have gotten PuppyLinux 4, AntiX, and Xubuntu 6 to run on it.  DSLinux also runs, but is outdated.

Once you get Linux on there, then you can start installing modern apps on it.  Puppy apps can be hard to find, but there is a lot of user support for it.  I didn't have a lot of luck with Xubuntu on my machine, but if you get it going, there are Ubuntu apps all over the place.  AntiX and DSLinux are Debian based and can get apps from their repositories.  Good luck
Re-design5 years ago
No way to make it light enough to hand hold and still work.
gogohero (author)  Re-design5 years ago
i dont have any problem with wight if you have any ideas
gogohero (author)  Re-design5 years ago
can i just use the LCD screen and design a circuit with the motherboard and it use a memory card as storage and a lite software to read the pdf from the memory card ???
lemonie5 years ago
No way.

Good luck finding a PDF reader for Win95. Adobe doesn't have one available on their site. FoxIt reader only goes back to Win98.