what can i give to my girlfriend on her birthday?

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cupcake8117 years ago
Handmade card (if you can)...
Homemade cake (if you can)...etc.
i made my girlfriend 1 rose just for the hell of it and she loves it. i cant get that damn thing away from her. that is just one girls opinion.
cosgrove7 years ago
Try and make it memorable and interesting, something that will make her think of you everytime she looks at at
paganwonder7 years ago
I vote for Duct Tape roses- keep it fun and light until you have to make it important- and then you will know what gifts to give.
cdubnbird7 years ago
a jewelry box? flowers? i think this is the hardest questions on 'Answers' i've seen so far.
jtobako7 years ago
What does she like?
make her a couple duck tape roses. you can look it up here on good old instructables.com :D
ANDY!7 years ago
Make her something cool.