what can i make out of old cameras ?

polaroid cameras,digital cameras ,camcorders from the old ones (like news crew uses) and medium size one before everything went to being small. Basically the 90's technology.

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nkonidare5 years ago
um imade a real burning laser out of one
shawneegeek7 years ago
I once read a book in my library written by this guy who would turn them into simple robots.  Especially the camcorders with the electric motors in them.  Just a littl bit of solder and electrical tape with some imagination, and viola.  Les Stroud used his to survive in the wilderness.
BobS7 years ago

Higher end 8mm cameras and video cameras have nice zoom lenses. I have converted several webcams to zoom. The only problem is that many webcams have an infrared blocking filter as coating in its lens. You need to put an external IR block or IR pass filter to get a nice image (without the filter, colors will be ugly, and focussing difficult, as the zoom lenses are not corrected for IR).
Koosie7 years ago
Sorry about the double post, just remembered, there's also a good Instructable on making a night vision camera from an old VHS video recorder.
Koosie7 years ago
If you have any with flashes, there are quite a few Instructables about things you can make with the flash device inside the camera.  From prank shocking devices to coil guns.
orksecurity7 years ago
First, check whether any of them have collector value, or otherwise have a market. It's not unlikely that  some can find a buyer and give you more by selling them and buying hobbyist supplies than by breaking them down into parts.

Outside of that.. Well, obviously you've got lenses, so you've got a good start for anything optical...
Re-design7 years ago
Put um up on a shelf somewhere as an interesting tribute to the "old" days.