what can i make when i am bored and make a few bucks?

what dan i make when i am bored an it would not hurt if i could make a few bucks

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Briguy98 years ago
make a mess in someones house and ask them to pay you to clean it up
Tom Buckey8 years ago
check out what i said in your other question that might hep also
MoneyMom8 years ago
You can work online like I do, it's free and easy and I make about $500/month. http://freewebs.com/free2workathome
cosgrove8 years ago
Gather up some of your old junk from about the house, organise and label everything, and sell it on Ebay
rickharris8 years ago
make jewellery there is lots of info on the web. Even paper can be used to make beads. http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Paper-Beads