what can i make with a broken pair of headphones?

the music still plays but the headband is broken

I also have a pair of cheap earphones i no longer need, what can i make with those?

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You can make a custom set of headphones with your own headband.

Check out lemonie's "Soup Cans!" ible, a classic!

Check out Azraelsrebellion's "Mechanical Wave Driver for Chladni Plate"

or do that with Oobleck, as in howtowithmanish's "How to Make Sound Come Alive - Cymatics" ible.
jbaker225 years ago
Desolder the end and wire it up to the end of another headphone jack for audio input jack.
You could attach the cord to a solar cell,
and plug the old jack into an audio amplifier, to make a sensor that converts light into sound, as described here:


and here:

and probably other places too.

bwrussell5 years ago
You could make portable speakers.