what can i make with a couple hairdryers?

i do maintenance and we are actually just trowing away 100+ working hair dryers such a waste but any ways any ideas on what to make with a couple of them?  and a link to how would be good thx

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iceng3 years ago

  1. Chicken egg hatchery
  2. Sochi bus heaters
  3. Ski P-Tex smoother
  4. Pre-heaters for micro welding
  5. Paint crinkle tool
  6. Reaction accelerators
  7. Sell them to the
    Kzinti Empire, who appreciate the luxury
  8. Lost wax casting
  9. Fireplace wood fire starters
  10. Sell them to Minnesotans to clear the pervasive roof eave ice-jambs.

That makes 20 so far.

RJM20013 years ago

A Snow Melter!!

Centure3 years ago

Two hairdryers.

Centure Centure3 years ago

(I took a couple literally, my bad :D)

RJM20013 years ago

What I'd would do is sell them on eBay and use the money for something else (a bigger fan) or a different project.

A forge : https://www.instructables.com/id/Forging-and-Castin...

Hot wire foam cutter: https://www.instructables.com/id/Hot-Wire-Foam-Cutt...

Or anything with nichrome wire or a fan.

Ones with diodes in them for DC motors can be used to drive all kinds of remote control toys.

Jayefuu3 years ago

Foam cutter?

iceng3 years ago
  1. Today you could have kept a pair of hedgehogs warm.
  2. Harvest nichrome wire.
  3. Harvest mica which is the a mineral insulation capable of supporting red hot nichrome wire.
  4. Harvest power cords, fan motors, thermal regulating safety devices, etc.
  5. Smooth hot glue to a smooth shiny outside surface
  6. Try your hand at welding plexiglass
  7. Make a shrink-tube heat gun for your self.
  8. Expandable foam.
  9. Bending ABS pipe for fun, art and useful purpose.
  10. Shrink fit metals together.

A break drum forge is good if you can find nice large break drum. Can always strip the heating coils and make your own floor space heater. You could also do your own food dehydrator.

a mini hover craft (google it)