what can we do with ballasts and starters?

i have ballasts and starters of an old flourescent bulb for i was able make it work after i used circuits from busted CFL's now is there some way we use this in another purpose

electrosam8 years ago
Offcourse you can make a good use of it if they are working fine. But make sure that they are working. You can use the capacitors in other circuits that you build. Ballast can be used to make FM transmitters or the wire in ballast can be used.
jovenhatsjr (author)  electrosam8 years ago
electrosam, Can you show me how to make FM transmitters out of flourescent ballast/
orksecurity8 years ago
Starters have been (ab)used to make incandescent light bulbs flicker for mock-gaslight effects. Websearch for "FlickerPilot" then look just a bit further down that page.