what cool things can I do with water?

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codongolev8 years ago
 this one time, I filled a giant water balloon. then I put it in a round tupperware container. then I froze it. then I took it out the next day. I took it out of the container, took the balloon off, and chipped a hole in the top. it was filled with water that hadn't frozen yet. I poured it out. it's perfect for a 2-liter of pop.
I just use a small cup and get the same thing. Only I put it in for 45min.
Re-design8 years ago
pour it
drink it
dry it
freeze it
tint it
break it
gas it
move it
dam it
sop it
boil it
heat it
cool it
box it
can it
jar it
suck it
blow it
mix it
drain it
catch it
rain it

reminds me of "technologic" by daft punk.
It does doesn't it. 
Mix it with cornstarch and play with shear-thickening fluids. (Weird stuff; if you haven't done this you owe it to yourself to try it.)
i like that answer a lot
drink it and pee it out later.
seandogue8 years ago
Electrochemically dissociate it then recombine it by fire.

Evaporate it at various temperatures and measure the rate of evaporation vs temperature.

Feed it to plants and watch them grow. alt: place a carrot top in a plate of it and watch it grow

Use it to power a water wheel.

Use it to investigate erosion.

kelseymh8 years ago
Make ice.

Oh, wait.  That's "cold," not "cool."  Never mind....
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
drink it?
wash with it?
cook with it?
water your plants?

 in what context?