what could you do with an electric motor?


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Well, you could make a Battlebot, or a Flying Crank Ghost, or an Art Moped, or a Revolving Christmas Tree, or a Self-Cleaning Litter Box, or a Mirror Ball, or a Blender, or a CNC Router, or a Pie Stand, or an Escalator, or an Air Compressor,
or a Hat
or a Brooch
or a Pterodactyl.
I have been trying to figure out how to build a self cleaning litter box for about  8 months now and I cannot come up with how to do it. Im just not that brainy I guess.

I have plenty of motors and gears from old printers and scanners and things like that but I just havent been able to do it so would you by any chance have any plans put together on how to do that?

I have been trying to catch someone on here putting an ible on them but not as of yet. I have 2 cats and that would be a great ible for me to try.

If you do have one or know of anyone that would be very awsome.

t3ach madrasi5 years ago
To do that, take a box and put something to elevate it off the ground (maybe another box). Then, cut a rectangular hole at the back (or any side) of the box just big enough for the garbage to get out. Put a container or something there to hold the garbage, or else it will end up on the floor (maybe then you can get a robot that vacuums!) Then, attach the motor to the side of the box, with the spinning part upside down.
Next, glue a window wiper (or really anything that sweeps) to the end of the motor so when the motor turns on, the wiper will push all the unwanted stuff through the hole and into the container you put there (that's why it needs to be elevated).

here are the blueprints I made for it . Too bad it's not blue!
blueprints for self-cleaning Litter box.png
Sorry, I don't know of anything on this site (or any other) that gives instructions for an auto catbox. I was just listing things to do with an electric motor. There are plenty of good 'ibles about litter boxes, just not automatic ones.
Yea I seen them but I just need to copy off of someone else if you know what I mean.
I know you were just listing a few things but it hit the spot of exactly what I have been looking for.

Thanks anyway
beaker69716 years ago
get an alternator off an old car and turn it into a generator - Perpetual power!! (Same class as my laptop's self charging usb/power supply cord...)
Well, you could gear it down to 1/3 RPM, put an arm on it several inches long.

Build a 'tight rope walker'.  Maybe a J hook with a bearing/ v-pulley and a weight underneath to keep the 'walker' upright.

Run a line from the arm to a point 6' or further away the same height as the center of the motor shaft.

Slip the walker on the string and turn it on.

IF you understood what my mind was trying to convey, the walker should roll towards the motor when the arm is down, and roll away as the arm comes back up.
I did this:

Its a, its a, ELECTRIC toilet brush and I claim my prize.
Re-design8 years ago
Well more than you can do with an electric motor.
How big, fast, torquey  ? Supply voltage ? shaft coupling ? 
DC/AC? Synchronous?
Brushless - stepper come to think of it...
Bigev8 years ago
With the proper power ratings, motor sizes, and imagination, anything.