what do I need to build a prerunner?

I have a 1987 ford ranger with a 2.9 V6 2x4. I want to build a prerunner but I have no clue what to get.
I'm sort of new to it and plus this truck is entirely stock and won't handle the harsh rugged terrain of the desert.
so any ideas or places I can try? I live las vegas and heard there are a lot of places that sell parts for this type of thing.

Picture of what do I need to build a prerunner?
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Burf7 years ago
Based on the pictures, I'd say the first thing you're going to need is a butt load of money. Beyond that, I would suggest you make connections with someone who has a prerunner, look up any local clubs that may be in the area. Make connections with people who are into the activity and get some firsthand feedback.
Sometimes, just trying to wing it, ain't the best way to go.
NachoMahma Burf7 years ago
.  Great answer. Quite possibly the Best Answer.
Nothing on that truck in the picture is stock.  Wheels, suspension, engine, trans, rear end, seats, steering,enhanced frame,  electrical, fuel tank, seats, seat belts,  roll cage.  Maybe stock glass and radio.

You start with your favorite truck and take everything off it.  Go buy stronger stuff then start putting all that stuff back on it.

I do believe that the bottom ones are just inspirational haha

.  That looks like stock sheet-metal on the cab and doors. heehee  (But I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out it's fiberglass.)
Josh sherer3 years ago

And new exhaust

Josh sherer3 years ago

I need help as well I have a 1997 ford f150 2wd and I want to keep the original I beams I will change the shocks and put a small spacer kit in the front to level it out and that's about it besides a mini spool in the rear does any thing sound wronge ?

kylec23 years ago

Honestly get a better truck. Not a new brand but a newer ranger. I have a 1994 and it was easier than a 1987. The parts are expensive so be prepared for that. The rear shocks have to come through the bed of the truck so you have to have a saw and a big garage. Youll need a lot of space. You also build your own bumpers. Your front bumper is called a baja bumper. You can buy parts and weld them your self but i built mine and it hasnt done me any bad luck. Its just whatever you want to do on that. When you build your own you can also add your own design into it. You know,make it your own

dannyces7 years ago
hello you might wanna look at explorerforum.com that site should help you find eveything you need
automd7 years ago
You need to ask around where you can have it fixed. But then again you will be needing money for it. And some serious amount of money because they will have to remove that part and replace it with a new one. Quite a tedious task