what do you do when you fall completely in love and they reject you?

 i dont know what to do

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Remind yourself, sometimes, its a prince(ss), most times, its a frog. That time was a frog.
jester_51238 years ago
k...i agree wit lemonie...an"Z..." you ARE female, i hope?lol your posts seem to contain some wisdom that most of us could use. keep it up, cuz if anyone listens to what people say on here, your helpin alot of people.
Z..8 years ago
It hurts so much doesn't it? It seems that life won't ever be the same again,-but it will you know.

Time heals everything-even life itself! Flow gently with your current pain and hurt, but kind of push softly upwards in your progress. You will get over it, because it is inherent in all of us to survive and live our lives as best we can ;-but you will do it at your own pace.

And remember this: if you do want love in your life, then you want to receive it as well. As you deserve to. There is nothing that destroys the soul more than to give love and know you are not loved.

When you love, and are loved in return, you will feel nothing but gratitude for the fact that you met this person, and did not/could not stay with someone who did not return your feelings.

What I am saying is, that given time you will actually be glad that this did not work out.

Not now, I realise,-but in time.

My best wishes to you.

Re-design8 years ago
Put a smile on your face and get out there so you are there when the next one comes along.  Maybe he/she will see the real you.
Burf8 years ago
Ditto lemonie and alex.

lemonie8 years ago
You forget them and get over it. (If you can)

Sandisk1duo8 years ago
move on