what does a bot do?

i want someone to make a bot for me on getacoder.com but iu want to know what this person i puick for the job is gooing to make it do? the only kind of bot i know of is the kind that is for crawling search engines and webpages to collect info.

If you don't know WHAT you want your software to do, why do you want said software? You're better off figuring out what you want, and looking for free software first. There are free alternatives to most of the basic types of "bots" out there.
A bot does whatever your coder tells it to do.

Telling a programmer to build you a bot without knowing what you want it to do is like telling an engineer to build you a bridge without knowing where you want it to go.

Throwing money at an expert is not going to enable him/her to read your mind. You need to write out at least a rough idea of what you hope to accomplish.

I'm not sure what you mean by your question. If you put your mind to it you can make a bot do all sorts of things, not just crawl around searching for stuff. You could always do the research and do it yourself. Even better, post an ible while your at it!
aarone8 years ago
Why are you looking for someone to write you a bot if you don't know what you want it to do? Bots are scripts that run and accomplish something. That something can be as benign as crawling websites and indexing information to something awful like an email harvester that will collect addresses to spam. The bot just needs to be given a method for doing whatever it is you want it to do. If you're going to hire a programmer to make you a bot, you decide what the bot is going to do, not the programmer...